Frequently Asked Questions

I am a writer. I’ve written for several publications, including but not limited to: Gamerz Unite, Gamer Escape, Destructoid, EquityArcade, MoneySavingPro, and Brett Steinberg Law. I’m a “perpetual student” – I absolutely love to learn. If I’m not writing, I’m studying. If I’m not studying, I’m learning a new hobby. I’m always doing something.

At the moment, I’m currently studying Python and Javascript. After Javascript, Angular for sure. Unfortunately, I have taken a break from studying, but now that matters have settled, I’m returning. I just now need to think of some actual projects…

Last, but not least, while I love a variety of hobbies, including hiking, cooking, painting, drawing, etc., my first love is gaming. I enjoy just about every genre offered in gaming. Hell, one of my writing niches is video gaming.
Okay, so this blog may have extremely varying topics. That is because I have a wide array of interests. With all that being said, most of these blog entries are designed to help people out, one way or another. To increase productivity, enhance the enjoyability of something, or simply feel better. I want to provide some positivity in some fashion in light of the stresses surrounding us daily.

So you’ll find lots of topics, ranging from the psychology of colors to stuff related to Final Fantasy XIV, and everything in between. Recipes? Yup. Cats? Sure. Dogs. I love ’em and will write about ’em.
Well, try me! Head over to the contact me page or click on the three dashes at the top of this page and submit a topic you’d like to see me cover. I will do my best to write about it, but I promise you: I will have fun with it.
I will post on Fridays. If there is a time-sensitive topic, I will post that when appropriate, so you may see posts more often than twice a week.
As of current, my writing niches are video games (especially surrounding Square Enix), personal finance, and law, though I am attempting to expand into art, design, and health. Hence, this blog.
Of course! I will also accept links. Will I approve of it? Depends on the content. I will not accept:
  • Crude articles littered with cursing. A few unsavory words are fine.
  • Raw articles requiring excessive amounts of editing. I just do not have the time to spend editing those.
  • Political/religious articles. Those are a headache/Catch-22 to handle. I may make exceptions to the particular rule if it involves gaming politics, but only if they are not absolute diatribes and instead reasonable, well-researched rhetoric.
Yes. See my guest post charges section.
The quickest ways to reach me is my:
Discord: Michelle M#8408
Contact Me Page
Twitter: @creativerdm
Talia Renton. You’ll find me on the Hyperion server. I also like to help out those in need!