So for those who are unaware, I forgot to issue a warning about how I was going to swap Chelle’s Creative Coffer from the URL/domain to I screwed up and I do apologize for the mishap.

To be honest, the move was more spur of the moment. My portfolio site wasn’t gaining a lot of traction, and I figured I could also integrate said portfolio to this blog.

Even though I’m a little late – okay, a lot late – I would like to announce that, yes, I swapped Chelle’s Creative Coffer to the domain Why?

Well, for one, has far too many hyphens in it. One is enough. It’s not good for SEO, it’s not good for anyone to type in, it’s just… not good.

For two, I just wanted to get rid of the “blog” aspect. I will be focusing mainly on as my main hub for anything content-related, so look forward to it!

So yeah, I just wanted to announce that. Apologies for the lateness of said announcement. Next week, however, expect a new post regarding indoor plants that are safe for your furry family members.

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