Welcome to the FFXIV party finder guide! Final Fantasy XIV’s (or FFXIV’s) party finder, otherwise known as PF, is a staple to the popular MMORPG and has been since the early days of A Realm Reborn.

Screenshot of Talia from Final Fantasy XIV explaining what party finder is.

Party finder was introduced in Patch 2.1, existing as a separate entity from Duty finder, which thrusts the player into a group of random people with various skill and gear levels. Party finder was the answer to a variety of issues that became only more problematic over the years:

  • It made getting groups for older content a possible and quicker task.
  • It made for fun groups (all small-clothes runs, swimsuit runs)
  • You could create odd compositions (hello, undersized WAR runs of Nidhogg!)
  • You could create statics or replace static mates in case one is unable to show up.

There have been a large number of changes over the years, including but not limited to:

FFXIV Party Finder Private Parties
Please excuse my sorry attempt at censoring, but uh… yeah that appreciation private group.
  • Private parties (complete with password)
  • Cross world / cross-world parties (with party chat, registering for duty finder, registering for raid finder, ready check, blah blah blah)
  • Custom matches (PvP)
  • Alliance recruitment and participation

Okay, but enough about that. While Party Finder has been great for introducing a much-desired social aspect to the game, it has been used for more than just forming parties. Which we are going to delve into here.

I mean, that’s why you’re here, right? You may be confused as to what exactly is going on party finder. I don’t blame you.

So let’s go through some tips together. Be sure to keep these tips close… and your wits closer.

(P.S. This is in no way, shape, or form to be taken seriously. If anything, this is just a shitpost. Please enjoy!)

Know the party finder lingo (or say screw the PF lingo!)

FFXIV Party Finder Strategy for Leviathan Eden Savage
If you don’t frequent party finder random groups, then I dare you to try and decipher this without looking it up.

The Twelve save you if you don’t know the difference between JP and NA strategies (which we will refer to as strategies because why not?). Or Spyro strat, Gigabrain strat, or anything with a label that doesn’t exactly explain the actual strat. You have four choices then:

  • Research what the hell these strats are
  • Join the party anyway and pretend you know what those strats are
  • Join the party and ask, politely, what those strats even are
  • Make your own damn PF that just says “clear, know mechanics”

To quote one of my static mates states in reference to our Free Company leader: “Fed up with the state of PF and the PF language, our guild leader Almalexia bluntly just states ‘clear’ in his messages.”

After all, you may see something like the above screenshot, with the person calling out strategies like Gigabrain, NS NS SN, NW Stormy or O2Y3, T/H A>B, 1>2 DPS, blue SW Uplift 1 DPS N, T/H S Uplift 2 Teams, Merry go round follow the blue.

And yes, there are just two full strats listed, by the by. FFXIV party finder strategy calls are certainly something else and can certainly cause a mental meltdown. Hell, I avoid party finder because I have no idea what any of the strat lingoes are. Instead, I just tag along with my personal posse.

Party finder, the Cupid (or just roleplaying in general)

Role Playing Events Listed
Won’t you be his partner?

You may have RP-related tells such as the screenshot above. There may a hot Roegadyn female seeking some petite hyur or something far lewder.

You might also find event advertisements at certain homes, a lot of the time 18+ (for instance, there is a cafe that advertises “cheap prices,” but what are those cheap prices for? Do I want to know?). Then again, there are some interesting events lingering about like art galas.

Please understand that not all RP requests are E for everyone. Or maybe they are, depending on your view of what E could be (erotic?)

Free company recruitment, with a sign-on bonus!

A lot of the time, you may find FC, or free company (basically a guild) recruitment pages. And I guarantee that 90 percent of the free companies will have the following format for their recruitment messages:

*Name (and maybe tag)* is recruiting new and old players!! We are a rank *Number* free company that is *positive qualities and desires like “fun, casual, quirky, etc.”*

We have a *house size* house in *one of the four housing locations*! There are plenty of activities for everyone, including *insert activities here*. *Insert how friendly the FC is* PM for more info!

If I could, I would throw out commendations to those that are remotely unique in their marketing message.

The static recruiter

Just like party finder, there are plenty of party leaders seeking to form a fresh, new static (a static is a group that does high-end content together, typically at scheduled times), find a temporary sub for a single night, or hunt for a permanent replacement for an old static member.

Usually, these statics have messages that will request the following requirements:

  • Experience up to a specific fight or tier
  • iLvl requirements
  • Job requirements (a lot of the time party leaders are seeking melee players, at least on Hyperion, and I’m not sure why; is there a melee shortage I’m unaware of?)
  • Time requirements (must be available from noon to midnight EST, for example)

Party finder, the best marketing format?

Sometimes you’ll encounter Twitch and Discord links in the PF. Is it good marketing? I’m not entirely sure, considering I never see anyone advertise their link anymore. Is marketing outside links a bannable offense?

Know that it is always opposite day in PF-land

If you join a farming party, expect the boss to farm you. I wish I was joking. There were countless moments of joining a failing farm party that wiped to the first mechanic.

Sure, it could be party members shaking off the rust (it happens to everyone, after all), but a few wipes to the same mechanic can make you think, “Maybe I joined a learning party.”

I’ve also joined plenty of learning parties where we have made great progress and a couple of times even cleared in a short amount of time.

What I am saying is, expect learning parties when you see farm (most of the time) or clear, and when learning, expect parties to conquer the boss (as long as they’re not incredibly hard super bosses like the ultimate fights).

Selling XYZ is the way to go!

Party Finder Selling Clears
Excuse all the black, censorship gone awry.

Sometimes… oh who am I kidding. A lot of the time, you’ll see sales advertisements being posted in party finder. For what?

That is a very good question. Here are just a few services that can be sold in party finder (without consequence, anyway):

  1. “Clear” and “mount” sales. Can’t clear that pesky fight against Titan Maximum? That’s okay, groups can clear it for you if you offer enough coin!
  2. “Queue” sales. Are you a DPS? Do you find yourself waiting 15 minutes to several hours your queue to pop?

    Well, there are healers (used to be tanks) who are willing to sell you instant queues for some gil. But how much do these healers charge? Since Shadowbringers, I’ve noticed that healers will charge anywhere between 10K to 100K per queue… or more.
  3. “Crafting” services. There are omnipotent masters of the trade who are willing to provide you with whatever you need… for a fee, of course.
  4. Roleplaying… services. I really don’t want to delve any further into this topic. Please don’t make me.
  5. Houses are often sold in Final Fantasy XIV in a similar fashion to actual real estate.

Party finder’s strange requests and motivations

Random requests are displayed in this screenshot

Party finder has some odd requests occasionally. Some days, you may encounter a helpful reminder to drink water. Other days, you may find a request from someone asking for anyone to say, “I love you daddy” to them.

All in all, party finder contains a potpourri of interesting messages, worthy of a glance or two. My advice is to listen to these messages and even follow them. Who knows, you may find yourself at maximum hydration.

Normal party members seeking to complete content

Of course, there are those seeking fellow players to complete a multitude of quests, roulettes, FATEs, hunts, PvP, or whatever else. There is something, even older content, available for party members to join, at least on the Primal Data Center.

Don’t just stand there, join them! Even if you’ve cleared before, there’s nothing wrong with helping a newbie. You were like them too!

The take-home lesson of party finder

Waving goodbye
Hope to see you guys in my next guide!

Party finder features an extraordinary amount of entries ranging from a variety of categories, including sales, advertisements, static and party finder recruitment, roleplaying events, farming/clear parties, random requests, and more. Best of all, try and have fun and don’t let the rotten “apples” spoil your teeth… day?

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