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Hey! I'm Michelle McLean.

  • Content Creator
  • Copywriter
  • Keyword Analyst

I'm what you would call a jill of all trades. Not only have I been a professional writer for over six years, but I have successfully completed a wide range of jobs, including but not limited to: creative and SEO-related administrative, community impact coordination, editing, grant writing, and marketing. Other than tackling tasks relative to my career field, I dabble in a myriad of hobbies: programming (Python), painting, fiction writing, PC construction, piano playing, cooking, and video games. I strive for improving my skillset every day.

Data Analysis and Evaluation
Web Content Creation
HTML, CSS, Python
Social Media Marketing
MeetEdgar, Hootsuite
Adobe Creative Cloud

My Services

Below you can find all the services I offer. Rates are negotiable, depending on the project, tasks, and length of the partnership (long-term is a preference), but I usually (exclusions may apply) charge a minimum of $200 per day, $20 an hour, or $0.20 per word.

Data Analysis and Evaluation

Need a critical eye? How about someone who's there to fact check documents? Look no further.


From keyword scraping to monitoring traffic, there are plenty of basic SEO services I can utilize to improve your standings. Google Analystics, SEMRush, Mint, and Alexa? I know 'em.

Media Marketing

I have a natural knack of naturally blending prominent keywords in your articles. And social media? I got ya covered with Twitter and Facebook experience.


Need a second pair of eyes or a fact-checking? I have full understanding, as well as experience, of MLA and APA writing formats.

Copywriting and Content Creation

Rewriting, researching, and analyzing are my strongest abilities, all of which can be applied to copywriting and content creation. I will update your content appropriately as well as write articles and other captivating, written works with naturally-placed keywords.

Administrative Tasks

If you're in need of someone who ties up loose ends for you when you don't have the time, then I'm your gal. I have completed many types of administrative tasks, ranging from data entry to keyword searching and designing featured images for articles.


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Education and Experience

A timeline of the universities I've attended and the job titles I've held can be found below:

Studied at the University of Maine at Farmington

Bachelors in Arts Administration

Courses include: art history, art theory, drawing, social entrepreneurship, human resources management, grant writing, and marketing. Worked in IT for three years at the college under work study program and web design for one year.

Studied at the University of Southern New Hampshire

Masters in English and Creative Writing

Studied several genres of fiction, screenplay writing, pedagogy, editing, and analysis.

2012 - 2014

Columnist, Editor, and Tutor

Spent three years throughout graduate school writing for Destructoid and Gamer Escape. Edited a novel in a span of six months for a startup publisher, to satisfactory results. Tutored several students and adults in the topics of English, Algebra, and Resume Writing via Tutor.com.

2014 - Current

Writer, Lead Writer

Accepted the role of writer for Aurora Digital Studios, specifically Gamerz Unite, though I worked on several sibling sites, including WSM Tactical, the official Aurora Digital Studios Website, and Preps Life. Became the lead writer and editor within a few months after hiring, bringing in a sharp 300 percent increase in traffic. Have also connected with several talents in the gaming industry, including the chief game designer of Codemaster's Dirt Rally, Paul Coleman, Pokemon: Symphonic Evolution's producer and composer Jeron Moore and Chad Seiter (respectively), Wailing Heights' creator Scott Grandison, and more.

2015 - 2016

Freelance Writer, Editor-in-Chief

Obtained the role of business writer for a startup indie game-focused crowdfunding company, EquityArcade. Produced three-to-four well-researched op-eds weekly, proactively suggesting topics and helping teammates. Promoted to Editor-in-Chief, effectively replacing the previous Editor-in-Chief, in June 2015, eight months after being brought on board. Edited articles via WordPress, provided feedback to writers, and ensured all quality articles were accurately promoted on social media platforms via Hootsuite. Retained job with one other colleague during company-wide layoffs. Produced, edited, and marketed three articles daily.

2016 - Current

Community Impact Coordinator, Freelance Writer, Administrative Assistant and Marketer

Hired by Authority Web, LLC to copywrite hundreds of articles and create new articles for MoneySavingPro.com. During a lull period in 2017, accepted the role of Community Impact Coordinator for United Way of Dutchess-Orange County. Worked with dozens of organizations to impact the local community during the stint with the nonprofit. Additionally, changed original role's duties from administrative to include grant-writing, content creation, and editing. Tasks included: attending site visits, acting as representative for several events, writing two grants, editing RFPs and other documents, creating press releases, developing site visit "stories," and more. Once the position ended due to lack of funding, I went back to MoneySavingPro - now performing SEO, design, and marketing tasks, as well as developing articles for the company's client, Brett Steinberg Law.

I'm available for job opportunities and freelancing.

My Work

Here lies a showcase of only my best work. Interested in more samples? Feel free to contact me or visit my blog.

My Employers/Clients

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You've waded through my profile, so by now you're hopefully interested in what I can offer your company. Feel free to contact me using the methods below (note: I am available for calls between 9am and 6pm CST).

Phone Number

two zero seven - two four eight - seven three zero nine




Kansas City, MO

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